Telkom FreeMe Prepaid Bundles

As part of its latest summer promotion Telkom recently launched a new FreeMe prepaid bundles, which inlcudes mobile data along with free WhatsApp and YouTube data and free Telkom minutes.

FreeMe vs Vodacom and MTN

Telkom FreeMe data bundles from 1G to 20GB is valid for 31 days.

The table below shows Comparison to Vodacom and MTN’s standard 31-day prepaid bundles

Telkom, Vodacom, MTN – Data Bundles
Bundle Mobile Data WhatsApp/YouTube Telkom Minutes Price
FreeMe 1GB 1GB 500MB/250MB 300 R100
Vodacom 1GB R149
MTN 1GB R149
FreeMe 2GB 2GB 500MB/250MB 300 R150
Vodacom 2GB R249
FreeMe 3GB 3GB 500MB/250MB 300 R200
Vodacom 3GB R299
MTN 3GB R299
FreeMe 5GB 5GB 500MB/25GB 300 R305
MTN 6GB R399
Vodacom 5GB R405
FreeMe 10GB 10GB 500MB/25GB 300 R405
MTN 10GB R499
Vodacom 10GB R605
FreeMe 20GB 20GB 500MB/25GB 300 + 1,500 Any-net R605
MTN 20GB R899
Vodacom 20GB R1,010