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Telkom Data Transfer Services

How to transfer Telkom Data to any Telkom Subscriber:- Prepaid and contract customers on Telkom Network can transfer data to other customers. The process is simple as all you need is to dial the *180# Telkom USSD menu and choose option (No. 3) which is “Transfer”.

From this menu, users can choose to send data bundles and will need to input the cellphone number of the recipient before selecting the amount of data to transfer.

After selecting the data transfer option and entering the Telkom number, you will be presented with a menu detailing daily and monthly transfer limits which is normally in the limit of 1GB daily and a monthly limit of 10GB.

After choosing to continue, you are prompted to select which bundle you would like to transfer data from, and then chose to transfer 500MB to your recipient.

Within a minute, the recipient number received an SMS notification confirming receipt of the data bundle and the data’s expiry date.

The sender will also received an SMS with the details of the remaining balance as well as the remaining monthly limit for data transfer.

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Telkom Data Transfer Services

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