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How to get Data Advance

Vodacom allows its customers to get data advance and pay later.
This service is available to customers who qualify for data advance.

How do I get Data Advance?

  • If you qualify for Data Advance, dial *135# and then select ‘Airtime & Transfers’ or *135*082# and then select ‘Data’.
  • Select from the 10MB, 25MB, 70MB, 125MB Data Advance options as per your qualifying criteria.
  • Select ‘1’ to Confirm.
  • You will then see the confirmation message: “You have requested RXX Data Advance, which will include an additional R1.10 access fee [to be deducted from your next recharge].”
  • The Airtime Advance service can also be taken through the website, MyVodacom App or any other channel made available to you.