Cheapest Mobile Phones in SA

With advancing and developing mobile technology, we have seen high end smartphones dominate the cellular or mobile market with new high ended devices like iPhone XS, iPhone 6s, Galaxy S8 and Huawei series making the international headlines.

Many South African who cannot afford to buy these high end devices always look for what they can afford. Others will look for a cheap phone with good battery life to use, and therefore phone manufacturers still caters for people who cannot afford the expensive phone by offering market rated phones for as little as R100 per handset.

Some of the cheapest feature phones available in South Africa are:-

Mint F1 from Pep – R99:-The Mint F1 is a dual-SIM phone, with Bluetooth, an FM Radio, and an MP3 Player.

ZTE S651 from Ackermans – R119:-The ZTE S651 offers an FM radio, a torch, and comes with speakerphone functionality.

ZTE P16 from Ackermans – R129:-The ZTE P16 features an FM radio, a torch, wallpapers, and ringtones.

Samsung Pusha FM E1205 from HiFi Corp – R159:-The Samsung Pusha FM E1205 offers polyphonic ringtones, an FM Radio, a colour display, and games.

Nokia 105 from Ackermans – R189:-The Nokia 105 runs S30, which supports Java applications, has 8MB storage, and a 128 x 128 screen resolution.